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7 Benefits of Hosting an Online Auction

To date in 2020, 4 out of 5 US internet users have made at least one online purchase.. The number one reason for this phenomenon? It’s convenient! Shoppers are able to browse and purchase their favorite products at any time of day — whenever it best fits their lifestyle and schedule. The great news for you is that shopping online is no longer just for retail therapy. Online Auctions with Auction Frogs help you leverage the age of ecommerce to maximize donations for your organization. 

Here are seven benefits of hosting an Online Auction:

  1. 24/7 Access — Your online auction is always open for bidders … during your scheduled event window, of course. You set the start and end dates and times, our technology takes care of the rest. Whether you choose to be hands off or actively monitoring your event, our software ensures everything runs smoothly from start to finish and that your bidders have 24/7 access to your auction. 
  2. Convenience — your bidders can browse and bid on items while drinking their morning coffee or in line at the car wash. Bidders don’t need to fit your event into their schedules or even leave their home to be involved and support your cause. They simply log in, complete their bidder profile, and participate at whatever level they’d like. Also, unlike a live auction, your audience doesn’t have to wait through items until you get to the one they are interested in. Instead, they can perform a search of your listings and get to exactly what they want. It streamlines their process and saves them time!
  3. Cost Effective — No travel time for your team. No need to book an expensive venue. No money spent on decor and wait staff, tables and hour de vours. No need to hire an emcee or auctioneer. Your online auction page does all the work for you. Need we say more? 
  4. Less Stress — Not only do you avoid the extra work of coordinating and hosting a live event, you also benefit from all the automation that comes with Online Auction technology. There are several auction formats to choose from, but all include automation features that keep your bidders engaged, informed, and excited to participate. Do you want your bidders to be alerted when someone outbids them? Our technology does that. Do you want to make sure everyone is notified of items won in a timely manner at the end of your event? Our Online Auction program takes care of that for you, too! (Check out our Bid Wars and Auto Bidding features.)
  5. The Share Factor — Live events don’t allow items to be offered outside the audience in the room. Online Auctions, however, offer endless sharing options. Bidders can view items and forward the link via email or share on social media with their friends and family who may also be interested in supporting your organization or enjoying some of the great items you have “on the table.” The share factor is simply not available at a live auction event.  
  6. Best Analytics — Auction Frogs’ online auction software tracks all the stats you need to fully understand how your event is performing. You can see who is viewing and bidding on items, what items are most popular, and even stats on audience demographics. It’s the best way to get a real-time picture of who your supports are. 
  7. More Options! You can post pretty much anything on your online auction and provide all the details right there on the listing. Are you giving away a vacation? Include as many photos as you’d like and all the parameters right on your auction post. You’ll be giving your bidders all the details they need to make the best decision on where to spend their dollars in support of your organization. Your auction page is also customizable, so you can ensure you’re offering all the information your audience needs to be excited and engaged. 

Simplify your fundraising experience and experience all the benefits listed above and more. Hosting an online auction event is easy to do with the support of our expert team. Browse your options here, or reach out to our team at 208.321.5515. We look forward to helping you achieve your fundraising goals! 

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