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Auction Frogs does not limit the amount of items you can add, so include as many items in your auction as you would like.

Auction Frogs does not limit the number of item images you can upload. However, we do recommend you limit your photo upload to no more than ten per item. More than ten photos per item may start to negatively affect page load, if the uploaded images are large.

Yes, you can include one linked YouTube video per item listing.

Mobile Bidding is used to facilitate app-style bidding at an in-person gala event as an alternative to using paper bid sheets. Mobile Bidding allows your guests to bid from their smartphones or tablets on silent auction items for the duration of the gala event.

An Online Auction is held exclusively online to engage a wider audience than could attend a local gala event. It is not intended to be used to bid on silent auction items at gala events but instead as an alternative to an in-person event.

Possibly. While technically our platform can provide a means for selling raffle tickets, many states have laws prohibiting the transaction of raffle ticket or game-of-chance sales online. We recommend you check with your local Gaming or Lottery Commission to determine what steps you must take in order to conduct a legal raffle in your area.

If it is legal to sell raffle tickets online in your state, Auction Frogs will require documentation that you have completed the necessary steps and are in possession of proper licences to do so before we are able to add raffle ticket sales to your auction site.

Yes, our Gala Event packages include online ticket sales as part of their feature-set.

Yes, you can set up as many Donation (Fund a Need) items as you would like.

Contracts & Pricing

Our technology suite is available for a flat fee per event. If your organization holds multiple events per year, our team can create a multi-event proposal. Feel free to contact our Sales Team at [email protected] for more information.

Site Setup & Design

The more lead time you can give yourself, the better. Auction readiness will largely depend on how quickly you can provide necessary design files, add items and content, and return the credit card processing application. Auction Frogs recommends that you give yourself a bare minimum of two weeks to get your site auction ready.

Auction Frogs will set colors, upload backgrounds, and add banners—based on the files or website reference that you provide us to work with. Your organization will add content, items, donors, sponsors, videos, pictures, etc.

Payment Processing

LumaPay—Auction Frogs’s new payment processing integration, powered by Stripe—makes it easier than ever to accept payments. LumaPay simplifies payment collection with easy-to-use features, such as improved reporting, simple money transfers, expanded payment options (credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and ACH payments coming soon!), easy transfer of account ownership, and top-notch customer support. Plus, LumaPay offers the security you need with superior fraud protection and account verification (i.e. fewer declined payments). Learn more about LumaPay.

If you do not have an existing LumaPay account that you have previously used with Auction Frogs, you will need to open a new LumaPay account to process payments through our platform. But don’t worry, the process is quick and easy, and you can begin processing payments within one hour of completing your application.

LumaPay transaction rates are 2.95% (VISA/MC) and 3.50% (AMEX/DS), plus 30 cents per transaction, deducted at the time of transaction. There are no setup or cancelation fees, and no monthly or annual fees to maintain your account.

You can charge an additional processing fee to buyers to help offset the cost of payment processing. But keep in mind, you will still be billed processing fees from LumaPay, as the charges are not passed on directly to your buyers.

Typically, funds are batch deposited from LumaPay to your organization’s bank account within two business days. This timeframe may vary slightly depending on the specifics of each transaction and the status of your LumaPay account.

Accounting & Reports

While Auction Frogs is not formally integrated with any donor management, accounting, or CRM software vendors, most of our reports can be downloaded as CSV files and imported into many other software titles.

All of Auction Frogs reports are updated in real-time. This means that you can pull an up-to-date report at anytime throughout your auction. Pre-configured reports make it easy to access your data accross a wide range of topics, such as sales-tax, item inventory and activity, table assignments, donor statements, and many more.

Training & Support

Once you become an Auction Frogs client, you will be assigned one of our Auction Engineers as your point of contact. Your Auction Engineer can provide instructional training materials, helpful recommendations, and answer any questions that you may have along the way.

Additional support services, such as data entry and fundraising consultation, are available upon request for an additional fee.

As an Auction Frogs client, you will have access to our online training portal, LEAP University. LEAP University will act as your got place for how-to videos, marketing ideas, and many other resources.

Your assigned Auction Engineer will also be available to provide helpful guidance as needed throughout your fundraiser.

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