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Six Fundraisers to Explore in 2022 Banner

Six Fundraisers to Explore in 2022

As you ring in the New Year and begin to look ahead at what 2022 has to offer, you may be wondering… what types of fundraisers you should be planning? Owing to creative solutions to fundraising struggles faced by many nonprofits during the pandemic, there are more options than ever before! So, what’s new? And, are the classic fundraising staples still viable options?

Keep reading for our list of the top six fundraisers we recommend for 2022.

Online Auction Fundraisers

Online Auctions are often an underrated fundraiser choice. Using a customizable Online Auction site, you can raise money in several ways—not only with auction items. Keep in mind, sponsorship opportunities, merchandise sales, and donations can all occur within the same site!

If you have never planned an online fundraiser before, it’s normal to have reservations. But, now more than ever, donors are primed and ready to try something new, especially in a digital environment. With a strong marketing campaign and a little extra education for hesitant donors, you may find that Online Auctions are a new favorite for you and your audience!

Pros of Online Auctions

Cons of Online Auctions

Traditional Gala Fundraisers

Traditional Gala fundraisers vary widely in cost. Meaning, their price tag may range anywhere from $5,000 to well above $30,000. Ultimately, their cost will be dependent upon the number of guests, venue, and the catering choices you make.

Galas also vary widely in theme and structure, but most typically include dinner, keynote speakers, a live and silent auction, and a paddle raise. Keep in mind, while they are a great choice for any nonprofit organization, traditional Galas work especially well for those with a localized audience.

Pros of Traditional Galas

Cons of Traditional Galas

Golf Tournament

Golf Tournaments are a fun fundraiser to add to your calendar. These outdoor events reach a different demographic than other fundraising events as they appeal more to business-centered audiences. Therefore, they are a great way for nonprofits to build new relationships with local businesses within their community!

Golf Tournaments vary largely in price based on course location, food selection, swag, prizes, etc. Like with any event, Golf Tournaments offer great opportunities for sponsorships, helping to cover costs. Remember, businesses are more likely to buy sponsorships that include ample marketing opportunities during the event. So, get creative and make sure to advertise your sponsorship packages well!

Pros of Golf Tournaments

Cons of Golf Tournaments

Virtual Event Fundraisers

Virtual events combine the power of Online Auctions with a live or pre-recorded broadcast. On average, the cost of a high-quality Virtual Event is between $5,000 and $10,000. They are a great match for nonprofits with state, national, or international reach as they create a unique fundraising experience for a widespread audience.

Pros of Virtual Events

Cons of Virtual Events

Hybrid Event Fundraisers

Recently, “Hybrid Event” has come to mean many different things. At Auction Frogs, we define a Hybrid Event as an in-person fundraiser combined with a virtual experience. This virtual experience is typically a live stream of your event program for stay-at-home donors and includes simultaneous bidding in your auction.

Most importantly, when planning a Hybrid Event, keep your expectations realistic. The “sky’s the limit” approach can often make these fundraisers more work than they need to be.

Pros of Hybrid Events

Cons of Hybrid Events

Donation Campaigns

You may have a donation form on your website that sits there all year long. But, a Donation Campaign like those used for GivingTuesday can be a great asset to your fundraising strategy.

There are many different forms that a Donation Campaign can take, from a peer-to-peer model to a direct mail campaign. To determine which fundraiser style is right for you, consider factors like your fundraising goal, audience demographic, and the time of year when your campaign will be held.

Pros of Donation Campaigns

Cons of Donation Campaigns

Whether you plan to try a new fundraiser in 2022 or return to a favorite model from the past, we wish you a successful year of fundraising and hope you have fun along the way!

Use Auction Frogs for your fundraisers in 2022

Our platform is feature-rich, simple to use, and yields great results. It allows for an unlimited number of item and image uploads, plus it can be customized to reflect your brand identity. And, with a mobile-friendly user experience, bidders can participate on any smart device.

So, get in touch today to see how we can help make your next gala event a successful one!

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