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Themes to kick-start your next Gala Event Banner

Themes to Kick-Start your next Gala Event

There is a lot to think about when you start planning a fundraising event. The venue, food, drinks, music, run of show. But all of those things are centered around one thing: your gala event theme!

Whether it’s a throwback to ages past or an homage to your favorite flick, every organization and audience loves a great gala event theme they can get behind! But as many have experienced, it’s not that easy to put a new spin on a common theme. So, to help kick start your idea sessions in the new year, here is a quick list of some of the most unique themes we’ve ever spotted at fundraising events.

Tips for Choosing a Theme

Seasonal Gala Event Themes

These season and holiday-related themes are fun and will appeal to any audience!

Pop Culture Gala Event Themes

What has been trending lately? What movies are coming out this year? Check social media to see what everyone is talking about and consider these iconic pop culture themes.

Geographic Gala Event Themes

No matter where you are located, these geographic themes will be a hit!

Generational Gala Event Themes

Nostalgia is a powerful tool (and a lot of fun!). Consider these generational gala event themes when planning your next fundraiser. Don’t forget to take into account the median age of your guests!

Your options for gala event themes are endless! Keep in mind the need to balance your budget with design and practicality, and don’t forget to get creative with it! Your creative touches will make your event (and the event planning process!) a lot more fun.

Use Auction Frogs for your next Gala Event

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So, get in touch today to see how we can help make your next gala event a successful one!

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