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Mobile Bidding Is it a Good Fit for your Event Banner

Mobile Bidding: Is it a Good Fit for Your Next Event?

Now more than ever, electronic, touchless bidding is being highly sought after as the experience of choice for fundraising auctions. But, is Mobile Bidding the right solution for your next gala event? Read on below to find out!

What is Mobile Bidding?

Mobile Bidding allows your event attendees to bid and donate right from their smartphones. And, all without leaving the comfort of their seats! Instead of using paper and pen, silent auction bids, purchases, and donations are captured via a custom branded microsite—a small, streamlined website with a mobile-ready, app-like feel.

How does Mobile Bidding work?

When guests arrive at your event, they check-in just as they typically would. Upon check-in, your attendees will receive a text message with their unique log-in credentials and a hyperlink to your custom-branded microsite. Guests can then log in, add any missing contact and payment information, and start bidding—simple as that!

Your supporters no longer need to peruse tables crowded with bid sheets, pens, and elbows. They simply click on items that interest them, read up on the details, and submit their bids. And, forget guests not knowing when they are outbid! Instead of needing to run back to review bid sheets, your supporters will receive text notifications encouraging them to bid again.

Guests can also utilize our AutoBid feature to set a maximum bid for an item. Doing so lets our system bid for them until their maximum bid is reached. And, once bidding ends, guests can review their winnings and make their payments right from their seats.

Why is electronic bidding so beneficial?

Mobile Bidding can be extremely beneficial to your event and your team for a number of reasons. Below, we’ve outlined the top three!

What to think about when considering Mobile Bidding

Mobile Bidding is a great addition to a lot of events. However, it will not be a great addition to EVERY event. When deciding if Mobile Bidding will work best for your event, consider and question the points below.

Get started Today

With the increasing preference among attendees for digital platforms, Mobile Bidding is a great tool for your next event! If you’re looking to eliminate bid sheets, or want to streamline check-in and check-out, Mobile Bidding has got you covered! Our Mobile Bidding platform is feature-rich, simple to use, and yields great results. It allows for an unlimited number of item and image uploads, plus it can be customized to reflect your brand. And, with a mobile-friendly user experience, bidders can participate on any smart device. So, get in touch today to see how we can help make your next gala event a successful one!

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