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3 Ways Nonprofits are Raising more with Mobile Bidding


Charity events are complex and often exhausting with many moving parts and variables. You may choose an online auction or a live event, or perhaps a combination of the two (which we recommend). But regardless of your approach, it’s vital to have software in hand that can help you maintain and track all the moving pieces leading up to your event and in the days following.

To simplify a primary part of the charity auction process, consider implementing our Mobile Bidding Solution. Mobile bidding eliminates the need for paper bid sheets, and helps streamline both the bidding and auction item management processes. And with the increased preference for digital platforms among event attendees, mobile bidding can increase your engagement, as well.

While mobile bidding helps ease the stress of many portions of your event planning and management, we’re going to focus on just three primary areas:


  1. Auction Item Management – Status and Active Bids
  2. Enhancing Attendee Experience – Engagement and Simplified Bidding
  3. Auction Reporting and Analytics – Donor and Fund Management

Auction Item Management

You can’t have an auction without items to auction off. What is your current process for tracking the items on your table? Do you have donations of items from outside businesses that you need to collect and manage? Mobile bidding software can give you a step up with managing donated items and track them as they are obtained. Automatically generate items lists to decide what items are most valuable, assign package numbers, and promote those that are likely to be most appealing to your audience.

Enhancing Attendee Experience

If you want your charity auction to be well-attended, you must focus on creating an incredible experience for all your guests. Mobile bidding software helps streamline many event processes that have previously been done manually. From registering bidders to collecting payment, mobile bidding software brings your event  into the 21st century with well-rounded and user-friendly features.

Features of Auction Frogs’ Mobile Bidding Solution include:


  • Selling event tickets
  • Managing table and sponsorship sales
  • Assigning bid numbers to guests
  • Promoting live and silent auction items
  • Notifying bidders in item status changes
  • Entering winning bids and purchases
  • Line-free payment processing
  • Invoicing guests and emailing receipts
  • Social media integrations
  • Additional ad space for sponsors
  • Comprehensive reporting 
  • Optional: Auto-bidding settings for bidders

Enhancing your guests’ experience is guaranteed to increase the revenue generated for your auction event. If you make it easy for attendees to register, bid, and pay for items, you are maximizing each interaction and leaving them with a positive impression of your organization.

Reporting and Analytics

Collecting data on the performance of auction items, attendee engagement, and top bidders allows you not only to gauge the overall impact of an event, but also to plan better for your next fundraiser. Rather than guessing based on the feedback of your event staff and your own observations, using mobile bidding technology right from the beginning gives you firm numbers to track and analyze.

With our software, you can see if your top supporters and donors are attending the event based on the registration reports. Knowing this prior to your event, you can target this segment of your audience with customized messaging (perhaps even having a member of your team reach out to non-registrants personally) to encourage their attendance. This will not only increase profits at your event, but also strengthen your relationships with your primary supporters.

Wrapping it Up

The benefits of utilizing technology at your charity event are endless; and the harm of not employing mobile technology far outweighs the investment. When deciding what solutions will work best to increase revenue for your organization, there are several considerations.

First, how has your event planning gone in the past? Are you often stressed and lacking the time you need to pull together an engaging experience for your guests and donors? Speaking of experience, what is the current process you have created for event attendees? Are they standing in long lines to register, bid, and pay for auction items? And finally, when you review all the numbers at the end of the day, how successful are your charity auctions?

We encourage you to directly address the questions above. They will provide valuable insight into your current time and monetary investments and will identify your biggest areas of opportunity for improvement. When you have these answers in hand, please reach out to our team of event specialists. We are always willing to chat about your options for mobile bidding and event management software, and our consultations are always complimentary.

Email [email protected] or call us at 208.321.5515. You can also reach us by completing this quick form with your basic contact information. We look forward to helping you surpass your fundraising goals!



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